What's growing in close proximity to your oil tank!



Have you considered what's growing near your oil tank and how big it will get over time? What seems like a great idea at the time can incur costly damage in the future.

As you can see from the image above, there wasn't enough room left between the tank and the plant thus over time putting pressure on both. 

This type of stress to the tank will lead to cracking or the tank being pushed off its base, both easily avoidable. 

We advise researching the foliage you plan on using to see how much space they require when fully grown.

Planting near an oil tank may make the area look more appealing but you should also keep in mind that your oil tank is accessed numerous times during the year - whilst checking the oil level, the oil itself being delivered and also during an OFTEC registered boiler service where an oil tank check is also part of the service. 

If your tank area resembles the image, contact us on 0872364500.