Carbon Monoxide Alarm


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Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless, tasteless gas and is a lethal by-product from burning any fossil fuel. It is known as the silent killer as high levels can kill in minutes or it can accumulate over time and cause sickness. Ireland has an average of 6 deaths a year from carbon monoxide poisoning. CO can build up in rooms that are badly ventilated. It is recommended that a carbon monoxide alarm should be fitted in every room of a house that contains a fuel burning appliance. This could be an open fire, gas heater, wood burning stove or an oil boiler.

This carbon monoxide alarm is a lithium battery powered, audible, Irish-made product and is certified to BS EN50291-2:2010 standards. It features an easy-to-use large test button, has power, alarm and fault indicator lights and comes with a 5 year guarantee. It is easy to fit and use. If the alarm sounds, windows and doors should be opened for fresh air and the occupants of the house should go outside and wait until an inspection has been carried out. The fault is often with a damaged chimney or flue needing repairs and resealing. This CO alarm could potentially save your life. It also has AudioLINK data extraction technology built in whereby you have the option to download the AudioLINK App to a compatible smartphone to get real time facts about the alarm including CO activations, peak CO levels and battery life.