Water In Your Oil Tank

Do you know that water and oil do not mix and that water is heavier so will always remain at the bottom of the tank? If the water level is higher than the outlet pipe then the water can flow to the burner causing serious damage to the heating system costing hundreds of euros to repair.

Rain water can enter an oil tank if the lid has blown off during a storm or if the tank has weakened and cracked. Water droplets are another element to consider if your oil tank wasn't full during the warm summer months. The large volume of air in a tank causes condensation through changes in temperature inside and outside of the tank.

In order to avoid costly damage to your boiler we recommend checking your tank with water finding paste. Tank & Boiler services check for water in oil tanks as part of their boiler service but this is also something that you can do. You simply smear the water finding paste on a dipstick and lower it into the tank, keeping the dipstick straight for an accurate reading. Within seconds the water finding paste will change colour to a bright red on contact with water.

Tank & Boiler services are offering a free sample of water finding paste with every dipstick sold in October. Let us know how you get on!