Oil Tank Dipstick


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This oil tank dipstick is 1.5metres in height and is marked clearly in centimetres. It is easy to use and slim for storage. Remove the oil tank lid and lower the dry dipstick into your oil tank until it touches the bottom of the tank then lift it up observing where the mark of oil is on the stick. Remember to refit the lid of the tank securely after dipping.

You can use your dipstick to help monitor your oil consumption during the year. As tanks are all different shapes and sizes, a centimetre of oil in one tank or even one section of a tank will differ in quantity to another.

This dipstick is also useful for checking if there is any unwelcome water in your oil tank. Rub a little water finding paste onto the bottom of the dipstick, lower it into the tank and watch for the paste to change colour. If the lid of your oil tank is not easily accessible or if you have poor mobility then this product may not be the best option for you. Check out our Kingspan remote oil tank gauge that allows you to see the level of oil in your tank without climbing up to the tank.


As tanks are all different shapes and sizes a centimetre or oil in one tank will differ in quantity to another so we recommend dipping an oil tank prior to an oil delivery and after an oil delivery to roughly gauge how many litres per centimetre your tank holds.

Prior to delivery, open the cap of your tank, gently lower the stick into your tank in an upright position until you reach the bottom. If you do this at an angle your measurement will be inaccurate. Remove the dipstick and see how many centimetres of oil is in your tank.

After an oil delivery repeat the above and note how many centimetres are in the tank now. If you received 500 litres if oil and your tank has now 10 cm extra marked on the dipstick then your tank holds 50 litres per centimetre on the dipstick, each tank will vary.