Oil Tank Assessment

Have you have ever wondered about the lifespan of an oil tank or the reason the tank or its fittings have changed colour? Our tank assessment service is exactly what you need.

During an OFTEC approved tank inspection our technician will check if your tank has any spillage or fire risks. The tank itself is not the only element to be assessed, the pipe fittings, filters, valves and lid can also show signs of aging, sun bleaching or rusting. The base/stand will be examined to ensure it can support a tonne weight when the tank is full. Summer weather can be most harmful to an oil tank, much worse even than wet and windy winters. Direct sunlight and high temperatures can cause bleaching and deteriorate the plastic causing cracks and splits where rainwater can get in and oil can get out, both bad scenarios. Oil seeping out of the tank and destroying the grass or garden around it leads to a costly clean-up operation.

Condensation during summer months can lead to water build up in the tank, this can also occur during winter months if the lid blows off the tank and rainwater gets in. Oil and water do not mix, water is heavier so will sit in a layer at the bottom of the oil tank. A little is normal and will not pose any risk but if it builds up to the level of the outlet pipe it can enter the heating system and cause a lot of damage. During the assessment our technician will check the oil tank for water and advise what is necessary. We have a water gripper product that can be dropped into the oil tank to absorb a half litre of water and we have a pump we use to take out larger quantities.

The tank base holds an enormous amount of weight and needs to comply with local authority guidelines. During storms some tanks can move off the base if there is not enough fuel in them to keep them steady. Pat and his team will ensure the tank base complies and is safe. The lifespan of an oil tank is 15-20 years if it has been installed, used and maintained correctly. Call Pat on 087-2364500 to have your tank checked annually and know when it is due for replacement to avoid unnecessary spills. You will receive an OFTEC TI/133D Report on completion of the assessment explaining if you have any immediate or potential risks.

Call Pat on 087-2364500 or request a callback.

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