Oil Tank Replacement

Do you suspect your oil tank is nearing its end of life? Oil is a valuable fuel used for heating your home and needs to be stored correctly, safely and to protect the environment. Direct sunlight and high temperatures in Summer can deteriorate the plastic of oil tanks causing cracks and splits where rainwater can get in and oil can get out, both bad scenarios. High winds in Winter can shake and move a tank off its support making it unstable. A full tank of fuel can weigh a tonne and it needs a steady base. Oil seeping out of the tank and destroying the grass or garden around it leads to a costly clean-up operation.

It is not necessary to wait for the tank to empty before you replace it. We can pump out your remaining oil into a holding tank beside it while we install your new tank and then pump your oil back into the new one. We will of course remove any water & sludge from your oil so your new tank will not get contaminated. Call Pat on 087-2364500 to arrange a site visit to discuss the process.

We have an extensive range of high-quality oil tanks from small slim 650L tanks to large 2500L tanks. You may decide to replace the tank with similar style or go smaller and more compact. The opportunity could be taken to relocate it into a more suitable location in the garden. Our technicians are all OFTEC trained and insured and will work with you to find the best tank solution for your needs.

Delivery and installation will be completed to the highest of standards complying with local authority guidelines and on completion you will receive a TI/133D Domestic Oil Storage Tank Spillage and Fire Assessment Form. We would usually get all the work done in one day with a minimum of disruption to your house. Pat and the team always take pride in cleaning up the area afterwards leaving no mess.

To prevent and old tank leaking, we recommend keeping a watch on your tank. If you notice signs of deterioration on your oil tank such as bleaching, rust, cracks, splits or bulges please act to avoid spillage which is not only a financial loss but also a fire and environmental hazard. If your oil tank cannot be easily accessed or if you have mobility issues you can call Pat on 087-2364500 to carry out the yearly inspection for you. It is included as part of our annual boiler service too.

Our tank replacement service can include:

  • supply new tank 650L to 2500L capacity
  • excavate garden for new base foundation
  • build wall / pour concrete base
  • supply concrete lintels where required
  • pump existing oil into holding tank
  • dismantle & remove old tank
  • supply new oil line & fittings / connect to new tank
  • pump oil back into new tank
  • fit a measuring gauge & lock as required
  • supply a water gripper when requested
  • bleed any air from oil line & boiler
  • get boiler running & heat working
  • remove & recycle old oil tank

Call Pat on 087-2364500 or request a callback.

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