How Water Enters Your Oil Tank And What To Do Next

Oil tanks and oil boilers are meant for strictly oil only. There can be big problems when water gets into an oil tank and builds up and gets into a burner. It can happen from rainwater entering the tank because of a missing lid, or through a crack in a badly supported tank.

Temperature differences can also lead to a build-up of condensation droplets. In any case the water does not belong in the oil tank, and so it needs to be removed before it leads to costly repairs. First you need to establish how much water is in your oil tank. We stock water-finding paste you can smear onto a dipstick and lower into the tank to detect the level of water present.

The photo shows me dipping an oil tank during a shower of rain. With the rain drops visible on the dipstick paste. A water gripper from our shop will absorb half a litre of water or we can call to pump out larger quantities before any damage is done to your heating system. Give me a call on 091 677278 / 087 2364500 if you need more assistance.