Sunburnt Oil Tanks

Before you order your next round of home heating oil you should check the condition of your oil tank. The hot summer sun can cause heat stress to tanks and this summer we experienced the hottest temperatures in many years. The damaging UV rays can bleach and weaken joints causing the seams to weep oil.

When the tank is filled with fuel it creates a pressure bulge on the weakened spot and then the tank bursts. Apart from losing money on the lost fuel, it can cost even more money to clean up the spill. Gardens and lawns can suffer for months from the environmental damage of an oil spill so the best option is to take measures to prevent it happening.

Examine your oil tank for any discolouration or sign of dampness before you order your next delivery of oil. Check the fittings and filter for signs of rust. Ensure the tap / valve at the tank outlet shuts off properly in case of leaking pipework.